In Press

1) Microscopic Studies And Preliminary Pharmacognostical Evaluation Of Codiaeum Variegatum Stem Bark

2) Non-Pharmacologic Alternatives in the Management of Alzheimer’s Disease

3) Emulsifying properties of novel biopolymer (Cola acuminata gum) extracted from pods of Cola acuminata: Macroscopic, Microscopic and Rheological Characterization

4) Potentials of plant-derived products for the treatment of skin disorders

5) Polysorbate 80 – Modulated Nanocrystallization For Enhancement Of Griseofulvin Solubility 

6) Formulation Development And Invitro Evaluation Of Floating Sintered Matrix Tablet Cefpodoxime Proxetil Using Carnauba Wax 

7) Venonia amygdalina leaf extract - mediated redox synthesis of silver nanoparticles: characterization and investigation of antimicrobial activity